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AutoCAD 3D Tutorial: How to use the Revolve Command

In todays video I go over one of many ways to use  the revolve command in the vanilla version of autocads 3d workspace. I decided to start with the revolve command because it is one of the most useful and yet useful commands when you are starting out with 3d design.

A very basic description of the command would be that you can draw an outline or outer edge of an object and then rotate it around an axis creating an easy 3d object.  Even after re-reading this it still might come across as confusing but I promise it really is easy once you see it for yourself and get grasp on working with 3 dimensional objects in CAD.

In the video below I go over just what I mean and how to use the revolve command in an easy to follow tutorial.

Using the revolve command and a single poly line I create a very basic(crude) pencil model to show what a revolved line looks like and how quick it can help to transform your drawings to the 3rd dimension.

Check out the short video here:
Or below:


Hopefully I’ve been able to explain the revolve command properly, but if you have any questions at all please just ask in the comments below or the contact form icon smile AutoCAD Tutorial: Copy objects from one drawing to another

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