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Looking forwards to 2012! And Happy Holidays

With 2011 coming to a close I’m looking forward to the new year and what it brings for us all, the website will continue to expand and add content as often as possible.

A few major additions to look forward to in the coming months include;

  • More autocad video tutorials with more beginner and advanced videos as well.
  • A new series of posts/videos following my journey to become more location independent by freelancing as well as consulting.
  • I am also working on an autocad start-up product that will feature custom drawing templates with integrated title blocks for various pages sizes, all your typical blocks like north arrows, scale bars, logo’s and legends, a custom line type file and a series of set-up and instructional videos just to name a few of the features. All this will be available for a fraction of the cost to make them and will come in a complete package only available to my readers.
  • And the last item for this list, the announcement of my Podcast that will be coming early in the new year. It will include tips and tricks for saving time at the office and at home, how to get started with making money doing freelance autocad work including how to find clients, advertise for free, and becoming less location dependent. It will also include various hacks/lifestyle changes I’ve made or plan to make to be a better husband, healthier person, and more productive worker.
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That is all for me today but I sincerely hope you had an amazing holiday and have a awesome New Year!


PS. Don’t forget to check out our twitter feed, and facebook to keep up to date on all things Better at Everything.
Thank you again for reading and happy holidays

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  • Ruth

    Nice to read your blog