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AutoCAD Tutorial Time! How do I Fillet something?

Have you ever needed to add a radius between two lines before? Of course you have!

That’s why the fillet command exists..
In autocad the fillet command will allow you to create a radius or arc you may call it between two lines that meet at an angle.

By typing in ‘fillet’ and hitting enter, or clicking the fillet button on the home tab you will start the command. At the prompt you can type ‘r’ enter to input your required radius. The next prompt will ask you to select your first line, and once that’s done, your second line. At this point, as long as your lines intersect and the radius you choose will allow it, the lines will be joined by an arc!

Pretty cool right?! haha, just watch the video below and you’ll probably understand a lot better than trying to decipher what I just wrote:

So what’d you think? Do you like these quick tip videos, should I keep making them or would you like more advanced stuff like the post on how to insert a qr code in autocad ? Let me know below so I can keep you, my readers and viewers happy.


Cheers and thank you so much for reading!



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