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Posted by in AutoCAD Training, AutoCAD Tutorials and Tips | 2 comments

Members Tutorial: Create Title Blocks for Multiple Sheet Sizes

Create different sheet sized title blocks quickly:

In this video I walk you through exactly how take your existing title block that you created in the last videos and copy it and modify the size for other sheet sizes quickly. By using this method you can take your 11×17 title block and modify it to a 22 x 34 title block in just a few minutes.

Follow  along in this video as I make the changes in real time.

This is a Members Only Video: If you can’t see it below, sign up to watch this video and more: Sign Up Here

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If you have any questions at all just let me know in the comments below:)


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  • pezhead

    Unfortunately this video freezes just as you are explaining the re-sizing of the block.

    • Brandon Loehr

      Hi pezhead! Hmm I can’t seem to get it to freeze for me, it just plays through.

      The videos do pause though if you click anywhere in the video area, maybe try clicking it to see if it accidently paused? Or it might not be buffering/loading fully, try to refreshing/reload the page and play it again.

      I’m really sorry about the inconvenience! Let me know if either of those fix it, if it still isn’t working for you I will upload it again and send you a direct link:)

      You can message back on here or send me an email.

      Thank you!