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Day 11: Getting more Back Links

Expanding on my earlier post about getting your name out there I’ll talk about backlinks and gaining them through commenting.

Using commenting for Back Links

Back links are the building blocks of a high ranking website on google. As one of the many variables that google uses to determine your page rank, it is often not utilized to its potential.

Building new backlinks to your website is easy, the most common method is simply leaving comments on blogs your interested in or similar to yours. Using your website url in your profile and linking back to a similar article or response post on your site you can not only attract some of their readers but you’ll also be gaining valuable backlinks. Just make sure your comments contribute to the conversation and are not just blatant ads.

Here’s an example of a spam/ad comment to a post about starting your own blog:

This is a great post!

The comment above doesn’t add to any discussion or benefit the writer in any way. It comes off as just using the blog to advertise yourself and the comment will probably be removed as spam.

This example is a well written comment and adds to the conversation.

I loved your post and agree completely with your hosting and domain choices, I use the same sites for my blog. Which plugins do you recommend for a new blogs SEO optimization ? I use All in one SEO and wrote a post about the best plugins for a new blog on my site

If you need ideas for what to comment about I like taking the side opposite of the poster on a controversial topic can help create a conversation and get even more visitors out of curiosity.

So let’s get out there and build backlinks! Start by commenting on your favorite sites that you visit daily anyways and work on finding new blogs in your area of interest.
As always if you have any suggestions or changes just leave a comment, subscribe, cheer me on, or just follow me.

Cheers and thank you very much for reading,

Brandon Loehr

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