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Day 15: What is a QR Code?

what is a QR Code

QR Code

You’ve probably seen a code like this recently, they are called QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) and have really taken off in advertising. They can be found everywhere from magazines, fliers, newspapers, and products in the grocery store. A single QR code can contain either text, an url, or a phone number and bring up the need application upon reading the code.

In order to read one of these odd looking barcodes simply use your smart phone to download a QR code reader and you’re set. If you already have a reader just try out the code at the top of the post to see the code in action. I’ve made this one to bring up my business card information and the one below this will instantly open up a browser and show the Betterateverything homepage, cool eh!

Custom made QR Code

Custom made QR Code

Now that you can recognize these cool little tags keep your eyes open for discounts, hidden easter eggs, and information on all the products you enjoy, I’m sure you come across more than one in a day.

If you’d like to try creating a QR Code of your own just visit QR Code Generator to make you very own QR Barcode, you can make it a simple advertisement, an inside joke to send to friends, or use it to encrypt a message for safe keeping.

Try it out yourself and feel free to send me one of yours to try out, or just let me know how it went in the comments.

Brandon Loehr

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