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Day 7: Claim to fame “Technorati”

With day 7 already underway I feel like I’m finally starting to get my blog under control and being read by interested readers.

So far my task today has been a simple one. I’ve been told by friends and fellow bloggers that I need to start reading up on similar blogs to mine in order to see what the ‘competition’ is doing.

The first thing that I though of was why would I care what my competition is doing? The response I got was this, just because I’m not interested in making money, or becoming known because of my blogging it doesn’t mean that knowing the competition can’t help. What about commenting on blog posts that have a similar audience as you? A few well written comments with links back to your blog can help generate a lot of very targeted views to your blog.

Ahh, I’m starting to see why it can be helpful to know my competing blogs… So it was back to the researching for me this morning and I found this site is like the mother load for bloggers, it had a massive database of blogs as well as a way to track and keep tabs on blogs that interest you through keyword and topic searches.

Claim your Blog on Technorati

After even more perusing of the site I found that you can claim your own blog and use there site to monitor stats like back links from other blogs to your own blog. Nice! So off I went to sign up and claim my blog the sign up process was the standard affair and I was done in a couple minutes.

Next up, claiming my blog. It was simple, I scrolled down on my account page to the claim blog area. After clicking it and inputting your standard blog info (url, name, description, tags, links, etc..) your sent a validation code like this one 78EZKPQFUBT8 its a very unique registration process, but I’m sure it keeps people from claiming others blogs as their own.

What makes this process unique is that instead of entering your code on technoratis website, you have to add it to a post on your blog just like I did there. Once added to your post you simply return to your account page on technorati and click on verify claim token. And there you have it, signed up for an awesome site and registered for some helpful tracking at the same time.

Two birds with one stone, gotta love it when a plan comes together.
As always please feel free to leave me a comment, subscribe, cheer me on, or just follow me.

Cheers and thank you very much for reading,

Brandon Loehr

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