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Five AutoCAD Tips Everyone Should Know!

I’ve found over the years that if everyone followed similar Autocad guidelines, styles, or rules you could say, that all of our lives would be easier. It seems that all to often I receive drawings that aren’t scaled properly, have confusing layers, are all on one layer, or don’t have everything drawn in model space! These things are all real complaints I’ve had to deal with in the last year and it still boggles my mind that not everyone realize these things.

So to vent and hopefully help CAD users everywhere I’ve compiled my top five Rules for Autocad “Fight Club” below, feel free to add or argue these in the comments. I look forward to hearing everyone’s opinion.

  • First rule of AutoCAD: Always draw in model space. No exceptions, its simple, scaled drawing only takes place in model space.


  • Second rule of AutoCAD: Always draw one to one scale (1:1, Full size in model space) you can always scale drawings down or up in your viewport don’t bother trying to scale in model space just draw 1:1. Seriously!


  • Third rule of AutoCAD: Use layers and I don’t mean using them and labeling layers 1,2,3, 4 or main floor, second, third, whatever. Use logical and descriptive layer names. They don’t have to follow any particular standards although that would work better, simply using first floor walls is better than just first floor or layer one, even better would be second floor wall annotation. As long as you keep them easy to understand yet unique and descriptive, you will be doing everyone else a favor!


  • Fourth rule of AutoCAD: Use paper space/layout tabs properly. Set up a title block along with legend and viewports scaled correctly so that if and when someone else needs to modify or use your drawing they can easily print and understand what you’ve done.


  • Fifth rule of AutoCAD: Keep your drawings organized it never hurts to separate out things like contours or property lines into xrefs. Xrefs are there for a reason, use them, they are there to help and they keep everything much more organized. There is no need to have your drawing cluttered up when you can separate out most of the contents into easy to manage xreferenced files.


As I mentioned, feel free to add or argue these in the comments. I look forward to hear your opinions.



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