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Using QR Codes in your drawings and how to easily add one right now!

Recently I have started adding qr codes to the drawings I do for my freelance clients. The idea had crossed my mind a few months ago when I wrote a quick tutorial on how to create them. I never ended up acting on the hunch, at least that was the case up to a couple of weeks ago.

If you don’t know what a qr code is I recommend checking out this post on how to make a qr code.

So why and how would adding this weird-looking symbol to my nice neat drawing help my client and add value to his or her product? Well I’ve found that by adding the code with it linked to an online copy of my clients drawings I can save myself the hassle of re sending them the digital files when they can simply scan the code and download or email them to themselves. This becomes even more useful if you work with  tech savvy clients who have an iPad or similar device that can run the autocad ws app.

By having a qr code linked to a digital set of your drawings it allows your client, while they are on site or in the field to simply scan the code of a paper set of drawings. This will let them download the full digital set on to their iPad or android device and subsequently open them in the autocad ws app!

Another great way to use a qr code can be to link it to the contact page of your site, this allows the client to quickly and easily ask for more work from you in the future. Kind of like a business card that is attached to all the work you do like your own interactive logo. This can even be accented if you get a little creative with it like some of my examples in the post about how to use a qr code as an advertisement.

I’ve included in the video below a demonstration of how to add a QR Code linked to your website to a set of drawings I am working on. Check it out Below:

I like this site to quickly create a qr codes for free:


What do you thing about using barcodes or qr codes to keep track of drawings or helping out clients? Do you use them or have any other great uses for these codes? Let me know in the comments below and happy Cadding!



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