Monet “Women in the Garden”

Claude Monet, the brightest representative of impressionism, painted this picture in 1866. It depicts women walking in the garden, resting under a tree.

It can be seen that the garden is very well-groomed – beautifully trimmed bushes, a carefully cleaned path. Silence, tranquility of nature and a summer garden flow from the picture to the viewer.

Claude Monet depicted a hot summer season in the picture. The women who have gone out for a walk wear light, seemingly weightless cotton dresses with puffy skirts. The figures of women, although the central characters of this canvas, do not interfere with showing the artist the main thing – the beauty and perfection of a summer day, nature. Therefore, although the figures are written quite clearly, the artist did not pay much attention to details. The main mood in Monet’s painting “Women in the Garden” is the harmony between the flowering of nature and the images of young women in her bosom.

The weather is wonderful outside – the ladies went out for a walk. The woman in the foreground of the canvas sat down on the grass – the rest are standing. A small umbrella in her hands protects her delicate pale skin from the rays of the sun. Despite the fact that each of the women is passionate about their occupation, it is clear that they are all one company.

The weather in the picture is hot and fresh, the sky is clear with small clouds. In such weather it is very good to go for a walk in the garden. Satisfaction with the weather and nature is easily read on the faces of all women. Images of women and nature are surprisingly harmoniously combined on the canvas by Claude Monet.

Year of painting: 1866.

Painting dimensions: no data.

Material: no data.

Writing technique: no data.

Genre: genre painting.

Style: impressionism.

Gallery: Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France.

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