Kustodiev Boris – “Russian Venus”

While thin, unsmiling girls with pensive and tragic faces appear in the paintings of decadent artists, Kustodiev writes bright, full of Russian beauties, the most famous of which is “Russian Venus”, written by him from his daughter Irina. Despite the fact that the artist supported and approved the revolution, in all the paintings of this […]


Kustodiev Boris – “Portrait of F.I. Chaliapin”

Kustodiev paints many portraits, among which the portrait of Fyodor Chaliapin, painted in 1921, deserves special attention. The history of the creation of this picture is interesting. At that time – post-revolutionary, unsettled, hungry – Serov’s opera “The Power of the Enemy” was being staged. It was decided to order sketches of the scenery for […]


Kustodiev – “Portrait of Ivan Bilibin”

In his portraits, Kustodiev, as a rule, abandoned the traditional use of a neutral background and replaced it with elements of the interior (or, later, landscape), which gives his works a touch of genre. Some of them turn into portraits-paintings. Everywhere there is an interest in the transmission of a light-air environment, an addiction to […]


Kustodiev – “Portrait of A. I. Anisimov”

In 1915, Kustodiev painted a portrait of Alexander Anisimov, later a prominent organizer of the restoration business, the author of studies on pre-Mongol painting and the icon of the Vladimir Mother of God, and at that time – a teacher at the Novgorod teachers’ seminary, passionate about Russian antiquity and icon painting. In the legacy […]