Kuindzhi – “Rainbow”

Painting “Rainbow” – one of the most remarkable in the work of the late AI Kuindzhi. In the picture, work on which lasted five years (1900-1905), Kuindzhi captured the most spectacular, spectacular moment in nature – the moment when a rainbow flashed over the rain-washed earth in multicolored colors.

The painting depicts an unremarkable area – a wide steppe, a road. Kuindzhi shows a simple corner of nature in a “purified”, ideal form. The artist managed to convey the feeling of freshness of the earth washed by rain.

Above the emerald-green plain between the clouds left after the downpour, an amazingly beautiful rainbow flashes. Curving like an air bridge, real and illusory at the same time, the rainbow creates an amazing mood of inspiration, delight, faith in the unchanging beauty of nature.

The picture makes you feel the infinity of space, the majesty of the sky, gives rise to a feeling of peace, tranquility. Kuindzhi achieves this effect with the help of a well-constructed composition that provides a feeling of spaciousness, solemnity, and a special decorativeness of the color scheme of the picture. The masterful use of bright colors and their combinations allows Kuindzhi to create the illusion of the depth of the air environment.

Romantically sublime, Kuindzhi’s painting Rainbow again and again delights the audience, reminding each of us of the greatness of nature and the universe.

Year of painting: 1905.

Dimensions of the painting: 110 x 171 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: landscape

Style: realism.

Gallery: State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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