Kuindzhi – “North”

The painting “North” was painted by A. Kuindzhi in 1879. It is part of the great master’s series of northern landscapes. In the picture, the artist glorifies the harsh nature of the northern part of Russia.

The viewer seems to be looking from a low hill. On the front canvas of the picture there are several pines standing on a rock. Next, a panoramic image of forests lost in diffused fog opens. A narrow rivulet, meandering, takes the gaze into the distance. The majestic and harsh picture of northern nature is revealed in all its power and splendor.

Most of the canvas is occupied by the image of the sky. The two elements – earthly and air – seem to be fighting among themselves. There is so much sky in the picture that the earth seems to be crushed by an ocean of air.

The air environment seems to vibrate under the influence of light. Kuindzhi achieves this feeling by masterly using halftones, nuances of pale pink, golden, pearlescent shades.

Although the painting “North” cannot be called impressionistic, the enthusiasm for the impressionist technique is evident here. Its use helps the artist to convey the subtlest play of light. If in earlier paintings the artist painted the sky with dense and wide strokes, then in the “North” he uses light flickering strokes and the technique of color discontinuity.

The painting “North” is filled with great poetic feeling. She is a generalized image of northern nature, created by the imagination of the great master.

Year of painting: 1879.

Painting dimensions: 132 x 103 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: landscape

Style: realism.

Gallery: State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

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