Kandinsky Wassily – “Cossacks”

Many connoisseurs of painting agree that the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky are filled with life. Bright spots, curved lines, reminiscent of hieroglyphs – all these mysterious figures creep, penetrate each other, creating new forms and images that are surprisingly imprinted in the memory of the viewer.

The painting by Wassily Kandinsky “Cossacks” is considered one of the best works of the artist in the abstract style. The outlines of the hills, the horizon line, the silhouettes of the Cossacks galloping on horseback are combined with the general dynamics of the canvas, its individual forms, lines, spots. The artist’s stroke is characterized by a special freedom, ease. All this helps the composition to come to life in the mind of the viewer, it is light and realistic in its own way. At the same time, the picture is very strict, but at the same time, very simple, it is devoid of haste, fuss.

Kandinsky has always subtly felt the special symbolism of color. All his works contain color symbols: white symbolizes rebirth, a new beginning – black – death, the extinction of life – red – courage and self-sacrifice. Not only colors, but also lines become special symbols in his works: the horizontal personifies the passive feminine principle, the vertical, on the contrary, is very active and courageous.

Year of painting: 1910.

Painting dimensions: no data.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: abstract painting.

Style: abstractionism.

Gallery: no data.

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