Kustodiev Boris – “Fair”

The second “Fair” was written by Kustodiev in 1908. Compositionally, it is built as a view of the fairground crowd from the inside of the shop with painted clamps, Russian abacus on the wall, a teapot with a knitted bagel on the counter, and a figure of a seller depicted from the back. Man is […]


Kustodiev – “Introduction”

The events of 1905 could not pass by Kustodiev, and the experiences of his sensitive soul were expressed in the work “Entry”, written in Moscow in 1905. During this time, the artist actively collaborated with revolutionary-minded magazines such as Buggle, one of the most famous periodicals of the early 20th century, and after its closure […]


Kustodiev – “Haymaking”

Boris Kustodiev in the painting “Haymaking” perfectly managed to convey the mood of a summer evening. The girls return home after mowing, they are tired, they have no time for idle conversations – working in the field takes a lot of energy. But they know that how they spend the winter will depend on how […]