Korovin Konstantin – “Roses”

Researchers of the work of the famous Russian and Soviet impressionist artist Konstantin Korovin distinguish a special, “flower” period of his work, which falls on the beginning of the twentieth century. At this time, the painter especially often turned to you flower still lifes. It is to this period of Korovin’s work that this painting “Roses” belongs. As you know, the artist devoted more than one canvas to the image of roses, he was always attracted by these majestic, chic flowers – real queens among other flowers. The roses depicted in this picture attract the attention of the viewer with their fresh appearance.

In his work, the artist uses cold shades. The petals painted in shades of red harmonize wonderfully with the grays of their surroundings. It seems that the picture oozes cold and sadness.

Even light specks of warm shades seem random on this canvas and cannot change the overall impression of it. So the artist wants to emphasize the independence of the beauty of these flowers. The absence of a plot in this floral still life further emphasizes the independence of these beautiful, but so cold creations of nature.

In general, the picture leaves the impression of some incompleteness, incompleteness. The indistinctness of the lines, coupled with the lack of highlighted elements, makes the viewer perceive the entire image as a whole, without focusing on one thing. In this way, the artist once again emphasizes not the flowers themselves, but their cold beauty and independence.

Year of painting: 1912.

Dimensions of the painting: 93 x 70 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: floral still life.

Style: impressionism.

Gallery: Omsk Museum of Fine Arts named after M.A. Vrubel, Omsk, Russia.

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