Monet Claude – “The Walk”

Claude Monet, thanks to his special outlook on life, became the most famous artist and the founder of a new trend in painting – impressionism.

For a long time, Monet lives with his family in the small town of Argenteuil. There he paints many paintings depicting his wife, Camilla. One of these works – “Walk” – is in front of us. The full original title of this work is “Walk. Lady with an umbrella “, she is also known as” Camilla Monet with her son Jean “. This painting, painted in 1875, is one of the artist’s most famous early works.

Camille Monet is shown standing on a hill, with a blue sky with white clouds in the background. She is dressed in a light, almost weightless dress of light blue color, in her hands she holds an umbrella from the sun. Sunlight seems to be streaming from everywhere, there is a summer heat, the figures of a woman and a child dissolve in it. The child is depicted slightly away from the woman’s figure, so nothing distracts the viewer from Camilla. A breeze blows her hair and skirt – clouds that easily run across the sky – all this creates a feeling of airiness and weightlessness of the entire space of the picture, adding dynamics to the image.

The artist does not focus the viewer’s attention on nature, assigning it the role of scenery. The picture is framed by branches of a tree and grass in the meadow, the earth and the sky do not have a clear border, smoothly flow into each other.

The painting “Walk” gives the audience only bright and positive emotions, it just radiates happiness and love. The artist talks about his earthly love, but at the same time the image itself is ephemeral and unreal. The ability to combine these opposites on canvas makes Claude Monet one of the greatest artists in the world.

Unfortunately, weightless happiness will not last long: in four years, Camille will die of tuberculosis, but her young and flourishing image will forever remain in the artist’s heart and can delight us in many of Claude Monet’s canvases.

Year of painting: 1875.

Painting dimensions: no data.

Material: no data.

Writing technique: no data.

Genre: genre painting.

Style: impressionism.

Gallery: no data.

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