Kustodiev Boris – “The merchant’s wife at tea”

Beginning in 1912, the artist has been creating a whole cycle of portraits of the Russian merchants, whom he was well acquainted with since childhood, when his family was only renting an outbuilding in a merchant’s house. The first of the works in this cycle is considered to be the painting “The Merchants”, but perhaps […]


Kustodiev Boris – “Merchants”

At the end of 1911, while in Switzerland in a clinic, Boris Kustodiev responded to the request of the collector Fyodor Notgaft to paint a picture for him on a Russian theme at his discretion. This painting was “Merchants”. Kustodiev completed the work in 1912, having invested in it both memories of Russia, and love […]


Kustodiev Boris – “Walking on the Volga”

The characterization of types and settings, perfected by Kustodiev, in the images of festivities in the provincial Volga cities, makes it possible to create real masterpieces. In the painting “Walking on the Volga” in 1909, the public on the embankment is depicted as if from somewhere from the side and from above, in order to […]


Kustodiev – “Beauty”

In 1915, Kustodiev completed the final formation of his style with the painting “Beauty”. Here he revealed traditional tastes in an image colored at the same time with admiration, and eroticism, and irony, depicting not just a plump, but this time a particularly puffy woman. Half-sitting, reclining on the bed, she, like the Venus of […]


Kustodiev – “Thunderstorm”

The life of Boris Kustodiev was not easy: a serious illness and subsequent spinal cord surgery confined him to a wheelchair. The artist spent about fifteen years in a wheelchair, suffering from constant pain. Perhaps that is why his paintings are imbued with the brightest and most joyful emotions. The Thunderstorm is no exception to […]