Kuindzhi – “Early Spring”

Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi, a famous Russian and Ukrainian landscape painter, painted the painting “Early Spring” in 1895. In the foreground of this remarkable work, the artist depicted a river that is throwing off its winter ice shackles. Winter is losing ground, the ice is badly cracked and will soon melt completely. Many thawed patches, also […]


Kuindzhi – “North”

The painting “North” was painted by A. Kuindzhi in 1879. It is part of the great master’s series of northern landscapes. In the picture, the artist glorifies the harsh nature of the northern part of Russia. The viewer seems to be looking from a low hill. On the front canvas of the picture there are […]


Kuindzhi – “Rainbow”

Painting “Rainbow” – one of the most remarkable in the work of the late AI Kuindzhi. In the picture, work on which lasted five years (1900-1905), Kuindzhi captured the most spectacular, spectacular moment in nature – the moment when a rainbow flashed over the rain-washed earth in multicolored colors. The painting depicts an unremarkable area […]