Monet Claude – “Antibes in the Morning”

The painting “Antibes in the Morning” by the founder of Impressionism, Claude Monet, painted in 1888, strikes the eye with its extraordinary airiness, lightness of traced strokes, amazing saturation of colors.

Antibes in Monet’s time was a small town on the French coast of the Mediterranean, between Cannes and Nice. The canvas of the world famous impressionist is filled with a magnificent play of colors, tones and their saturation. The view of the town on the other side of the bay is organically framed by the greenery of the trees growing on the rock.

A slight excitement of sea waves, glare of the sun, airy, transparent foliage create the mood of a beautiful summer sunny day. Another characteristic feature of this canvas is the absence of contours – all the elements of the composition seem to flow into each other.

Year of painting: 1888.

Painting dimensions: 61 x 81 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: landscape.

Style: impressionism.

Gallery: Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA.

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