Kustodiev – “Introduction”

The events of 1905 could not pass by Kustodiev, and the experiences of his sensitive soul were expressed in the work “Entry”, written in Moscow in 1905.

During this time, the artist actively collaborated with revolutionary-minded magazines such as Buggle, one of the most famous periodicals of the early 20th century, and after its closure with Adskaya Pochta, a satirical monthly magazine published in St. Petersburg.

Kustodiev put in them sharp, evil caricatures of tsarist officials, drew illustrations, including his work “Entry”.

The artist, who was acutely worried about the defeat of the revolution, speaks in allegorical form about “Bloody Sunday” and the brutal suppression of the workers’ uprising in 1905. Against the background of an alarming, flaming red sky, we see cold gray houses, soldiers shooting at demonstrators, and above all this – death, which gathers the dead without looking at their beliefs.

Year of painting: 1905.

Dimensions of the painting: 26 x 26 cm.

Material: paper.

Writing technique: ink, watercolor.

Genre: illustration.

Style: modern.

Gallery: State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

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