Monet Claude – “Morning by the Sea”

Oscar Claude Monet is perhaps the most famous French painter, who left behind a huge artistic legacy, which is admired by many connoisseurs of pictorial art around the world. One of the most unusual and controversial of his works is the painting “Morning by the Sea”, which he painted in 1881.

A great lover of nature, Claude Monet paid great attention to the image of water in his works. This painting differs from others in a rather gloomy color: to paint the waves of the sea and overhanging huge coastal rocks, the artist used gray, blue, green, dark brown and even black tones. The completely turbulent sea throws large foamy waves on the sandy shore, and the coastal cliffs, like huge impregnable walls, surround and protect the endless sea.

The sea occupies the entire right side of the picture. The endless sea space, depicted by Claude Monet, personifies endless freedom. When depicting the sky, the artist used a transition from yellow to blue, with this, apparently, he wanted to show the change in weather. And in fact, from the picture blows cold and excitement, even fear, it is not at all positive, it is painted in a cold, harsh color scheme.

It can be seen that very soon it will start to rain, or even a storm. High waves will rise, which in a fury will rush to high rocks. Any painting is a reflection of the artist’s condition, apparently, Claude Monet threw out his not the most positive emotions on the canvas “Morning by the Sea”.

Year of painting: 1881.

Painting dimensions: no data.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: landscape.

Style: impressionism.

Gallery: no data.

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