Kustodiev – “Haymaking”

Boris Kustodiev in the painting “Haymaking” perfectly managed to convey the mood of a summer evening. The girls return home after mowing, they are tired, they have no time for idle conversations – working in the field takes a lot of energy. But they know that how they spend the winter will depend on how they work in the summer.

Women return home at dusk – blue tones prevail in the picture. The sky plays with yellow-blue hues, the whole color of the picture evokes thoughts of the desired rest after a hard day in the field.

The artist managed very well to convey the play of light and shadow in the coming twilight. Thanks to this, the mood of the canvas is accurately conveyed, what the artist wanted to say is unmistakably guessed. The picture captures the viewer completely, and it seems that with all your skin you can feel the heavy wet coolness of the coming summer evening.

Year of painting: no data.

Painting dimensions: no data.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil, pastel.

Genre: genre painting.

Style: modern.

Gallery: no data.

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